Mission & Vision

Nagpur Spaces, a subsidiary of News Corp, is a leading provider of online real estate services like sale, purchase, resale and operates, The Nagpur Spaces of real estate websites and mobile experiences for consumers and real estate professionals.
The Nagpur Spaces also includes mobile experiences through mobile real estate search applications for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone 8, and Android.
The Nagpur Spaces provides resources and tools for consumers and real estate professionals to help navigate all stages of the home-buying cycle. These tools give consumers access to the most comprehensive selection of existing homes for sale, property records, rentals, mortgage resources, senior housing options, moving resources and more.

Why you should choose us

The demand on your time and the way you go about writing has likely completely changed from when you first thought about getting into the business.
Real estate investing works under a different set of standards than buying or selling a home to live in, and it requires particular knowledge and a set of skills that not every Realtor possesses.
If you are considering real estate investing, you need to find the right agent and the right area to begin your investment search.
A service charge is the cost of providing a service to a property, estate or scheme that does not fall into the definition of rent. Rent is the cost of the mortgage, management and maintenance (or the bricks and mortar) of your home.


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